I have never been fond of wrapping and the wastefulness of it always bothered me. I had made cloth gift sacks in 2000 while taking a break from my 15 year career in information technology to be with my young sons.

In 2013 I decided to make additional gift sacks. As I was making them, it dawned on me that they had become a tradition for our family. Looking back, it was fun way to discuss the importance of reducing waste which gave me the idea for writing a children’s book.

I spent months drafting the book and researching the book process. Then, after finding the perfect  illustrator and multiple reviews from a wonderful  editor, I went to print with the 29th version of my story in July of 2014. Pages 7 and 8 illustrates exactly how I felt prior to moving to reusable cloth gift sacks.

I hope you enjoy the book, and I encourage you to try using cloth gift sacks. They are easy to use, create a wonderful family tradition, save you money, are easy to make, are environmentally friendly and look  beautiful under the Christmas tree.

Karen Sisolak